changing the way i wake with my phone

April 28, 2010

Sleep Cycle is an iPhone app that monitors, charts and archives your sleep behavior aswell as wakes you up as an alarm clock. It detects when you’re in light or deep sleep by the patterns of your movement thanks to the sensitive iPhone accelerometer. It differs from a traditional alarm clock as it will set off the alarm during a 30 minute window that ends at your set alarm time waking you at your lightest sleep phase.

I’ve been using Sleep Cycle for about 2 weeks and have been waking up alot less drowsier than usual. Having archived charts on my sleeping patterns aswell as total sleep time and average sleep time allows me to keep tabs on how much sleep I’m getting. I’d recommend Sleep Cycle to anyone who wants to move away from their traditional alarm clock and start collecting their sleeping pattern data. Its $1.19, give it shot.

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