Amazon Web Services Sydney Data Center to go live next week

November 11, 2012

Amazon Web Services AWS is reporting that Amazon are preparing to go live with an AWS data center in Sydney.

Amazon Web Services will begin serving customers from its first Australian data centre on Tuesday, ending more than a year of speculation.

The cloud computing giant has data centres in the US, Brazil, Ireland, Singapore and Tokyo and edge nodes in seven other European countries, China and Sydney.

Several sources told iTnews that it was moving hardware into Australian facilities late last year.

On November the 6th, a posting appeared on the Linux Australia Jobs mailing list, for a Cloud Support Engineer for Amazon based in Sydney.

ninefold was the premier choice for many organisations who had requirements to keep their servers and data within Australia for legal or latency reasons, though with this inevitable move into Australia for AWS, the competition in the Cloud space for Australian businesses is now seriously hotting up.

Update 13/11/2012

Werner Vogels, Amazon’s CTO, has blogged on the launch of the new AWS region in Sydney.

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